Tres Jolie Pilates Studio

Providing Everything You Need

Yoga Teacher
Yoga by the Pool

Individual Pilates Instruction

We know not every body is the same. That is why we create a personalized plan that meets your needs. At our studio you will have a personal assessment and then a personal private class utilizing mat and pilates apparatus equipment tailored to your personal needs!

Duet Pilates Sessions

Want to bring a friend and share your pilates experience? We also offer 90 minute pilates sessions that can be taken by 2 people at a time! Maybe you want to make it a wellness day! Pilates + Lavender! What could be better?

Pilates Workout

Getting Started

Maybe you're just curious about pilates. What is it? Is it for me? Or maybe you're excited to work out on a lavender farm!! Whether you just want more information or you're ready to book a pilates session, Call Christine Eschen, National Certified Pilates Teacher (and lavender goddess) today at 

209 969-9815

or book and pay for appointments with the following link below.